Style Collaboration with Nell and Rose

Over the years of sheiscaptivating, I have often received the question, “Where do you shop?” or “What place do you recommend shopping at for cute, affordable, and tasteful clothing?” 

My personal favorite places to shop are small, online boutiques. I absolutely love supporting small, because I am a small-business owner myself. I love to support women who are chasing after their dreams and opening small shops online! Not to mention, the clothing they carry is so unique and special and nothing like you find at your typical huge retailers like Forever21 and H&M.

One of these special shops I recently fell in love with is Nell and Rose. They have the most beautiful simple pieces in their shop, and I truly fell in love with each and every one! They were gracious enough to gift me with four unique tops from their shop, and I am delighted to share them with you today!

You can find them at

The first piece I want share with you is this adorable “Lace Contrast Cold Shoulder” Top

I just love how feminine it is! I feel so pretty in this and it is so easy to style. Throw it on with some jeans or some cute shorts and you are ready to go.

You can find it here:

The next top I am so excited to share with you is this, “Sail Away Cold Shoulder” top which just happens to be on sale right now!!

I am obsessed with anything OTS and I think this top is perfect for that transition month of August! I love the color choices that Nell and Rose chooses to incorporate into their pieces. Everything is simple and delicate!

You can find this top here:

Next is the “Macey Double Strap” tank. I love this tank because the pattern is so unique!

The best part of all of these tops is how effortlessly they come together to form super cute outfits!!

You can find this top here:

Lastly, is this “Throw Away the Key Tank” which is my favorite item in the bunch! I have already worn it several times, the material is so soft and to DIE FOR.

Throw Away the Key Tank

So cute right?!

Like I said, I love to shop small and I love telling people about all these amazing boutiques when they ask where I got my clothes from!!

Well friends, that concludes this style post! Thank you for stopping by, now go show Shop Nell and Rose some love!!



Style Post: Jord Watches

Hello friends!

I wanted to check in and share an awesome watch company that I have been loving ever since I collaborated with them about a year ago for a women’s watch!

This time, we collaborated for a men’s watch called the “Conway” style. I was so excited to work with them because my boyfriend has been wanting a nice new watch for a while and I thought it would make the absolute perfect gift.

And, I was right! He absolutely loves his watch and seriously has not taken it off since I gave it to him.

This is what the watch looks like up close:

When I mean he hasn’t taken it off, I mean like, ever! We recently took a trip to Seattle and here is a picture of him on our date to a cute restaraunt on the pier wearing his watch 🙂


It is such an amazing piece! Jord watches are timeless and absolutely beautifully crafted. I know they would make the perfect gift for just about any man!



Just look at that happy smile 🙂


Here is the link for the “Conway series” watches like this one!


Thanks again for reading and happy shopping!!



Collaboration with Restricted Shoes

Hello all of my beautiful friends and happy Friday!

I am popping over to the blog to share with you a new fave shoe shop of mine!

I came across Restricted Shoes on instagram and fell in love. They offer a wide variety of the hottest shoe trends for a great price!

You can literally find any style of shoe you’d like on their site ranges from adorable trendy mules to heels.

I chose some ADORABLE flats called the Bel Air Whiskey flats and I am in LOVE.

Here is the link to the shoes!

I love these shows because they are sooo unique and fun! They are perfect to throw on with a floral maxi dress or even some cute skinny jeans!



I will definitely be frequenting this site for all of my shoe needs and I think you should check them out yourself 🙂

style post: PoppyandDot

Okay okay. Let’s all be basic for a second and talk about how amazing it is that it’s almost FALL?!

I know I personally could not be more excited of fall weather, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, red wine, and cuddly nights. I don’t mind being basic if it means loving all of these things.

I have a really fun style post for you today. I am collaborating with PoppyandDot to bring you this seriously AMAZE fall outfit.

They sent me this dress, and I nearly fell over and died when I got it in the mail. It’s perfect for the coming Fall days. The color and style are gorgeous.

I paired it with some red lips, some Freebirds, and a cute hat from H&M and it’s safe to say I will be flaunting this around well into the fall months…at least until it starts snowing here in CO.

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It’s safe to say I am all HEART EYES over here about this dress and this shopping destination.

They always have FREE SHIPPING which is amazing because who likes shipping?

Head on over to their instagram @poppyanddot and buy this amazing dress!! OR two dresses. OR three.

style post: shopmarquemodest


I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for the weekend. It has been such a busy and productive week for me, but I am super ready for some quality R&R.

I have another special style post for you all today! I hope you are enjoying all of these style posts. I am transitioning the blog to incorporate more style/beauty/lifestyle posts!

Today, I am featuring an AMAZING boutique owned by the beautiful Allie Shirley. She reached out to me a few weeks ago to collaborate and I honestly could not have been more excited. She owns an online boutique called MarqueModestApparel. This boutique aims to “rebrand modesty” and all of the items in it are modest and honoring to the Lord. Allie definitely hit the nail on the head with her collections because not only are they modest, but they are absolutely adorable. She truly gives a new meaning to the word modest! Her overall mission is to remind women that, “Jesus loves you, and you MATTER.”

Guys, I am not kidding you need to run, not walk to your computer and go buy some things from her shop. You will not be disappointed.

She sent me this shirt from her DIGNITY collection to wear and take some cute pictures in. The DIGNITY collection is a collection of tanks and tees to remind women of their worth and dignity in Christ. This shirt could not be any more perfect for me because I actually happen to LOVE the verse, “She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25 I even have this verse tattooed on my side!

Here are some photos of me in this adorable and elegant tee.

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I’m totally obsessed with this tee and with her boutique. I even went and ordered an item from her new FALL COLLECTION because I simply could not resist.

You NEED this tee! It’s Friday, so you should treat yourself of course.

Here is the link to here shop:

And, of course I have a discount code for all of you to use!

“SHEISDIGNITY” will get you 10 percent of your order if you buy a tee or tank from the DIGNITY collection.

That’s all I have for you today!

Love and blessings to you on this beautiful Friday,

Amanda Marie

style post: Walk In Love

Hello all my beautiful captivating friends!

I have a fun style post for you this evening, sponsored by Walk In Love Clothing Co.

This company seriously rocks, you guys.

I spoke with T.J, the founder of  WalkInLove and he wanted to send me a shirt to try out. Let me tell you, I was seriously impressed. The shirt they sent me is super soft, high quality, and you can tell that they spend so much time on their T-shirt designs.

Walk in Love’s primary goal is to create T-shirts with inspirational messages, namely, “a reminder to imitate God by loving others every chance we get-no strings attached.”


This is definitely a company I can get behind and I have every intention of frequenting their site to shop a lot more in the future.

Here are some shots in the T-shirt they sent me. It is a part of their “VICTORY” line that they just recently launched.

Processed with VSCO with q5 preset
This shirt makes me feel powerful. Like the kind of powerful where I know that if I stand firm in my faith, anything is possible.
Processed with VSCO with q5 preset
“Be on your guard, STAND FIRM in the faith; be courageous; be strong” 1 corinthians 16:13
Processed with VSCO with q5 preset
Shameless selfie. I have had so much VICTORY over shame in my life lately. This shirt from their VICTORY line holds so much meaning in my life.

Processed with VSCO with q5 preset






So much victory. So much Jesus.

If you want to order this shirt or any of their amazing apparel, I have a DISCOUNT CODE for you, “sheiscaptivating” will get you 15 percent off your entire order.

Thanks so much for checking this post out! You are infinitely loved and entirely VICTORIOUS through Christ.

Know it, flaunt it.


Amanda Marie

style post: PinkSlateBoutique

Happy Saturday everyone!!

I have a super cute boutique to share with you today called “PinkSlateBoutique”

Susan (the owner) reached out to me and was kind enough to send me several pieces from her collection to wear and LOVE and share with all of you.

I absolutely love all of the clothing that this boutique has to offer. I could seriously spend all of my money here, but I was blessed enough to receive these clothes! I cannot WAIT to continue to shop here in the future.


This romper is EVERYTHING. I have already worn it multiple times and I think it is perfect. The fit is great and it is perfect for date night 🙂 The necklace is also from PinkSlate and I will link both of them below for you to purchase:

Processed with VSCO with q5 preset

Next she sent me these adorable shorts! These are exactly my style. I have been wearing shorts like these all summer because they are so comfortable with just the right element of cute and the lace makes them sexy, yet tasteful. I will link them below:

She also sent me this white shirt:

Processed with VSCO with q5 preset

I love simple white shirts like this. You can truly never go wrong when you pair this with some jeans!

I paired it with this PERFECT “don’t cross me” bralette also from PinkSlate and this was the result:

Processed with VSCO with q5 preset
WALLLAHHHH 🙂 The perfect Saturday combination. Once again, laid back but still cute and sexy all while being modest and tasteful.

Here are the links for the white shirt and the bralette:

I hope you will check out this amazing boutique and maybe buy some of the same items! We can be #twinsies.

I love you all and I hope you are having a WONDERFUL saturday 🙂


Amanda Marie

style post: LulaRoe by Tori

Good afternoon all my Captivating ladies!!

I have recently been wanting to start posting more style and fashion posts on this blog because I am extremely passionate about style and dressing to honor the Lord!

I believe style and Jesus do NOT have to be separate entities 🙂

A few weeks ago, a woman named Tori reached out to me from Lula Roe. I had never heard of this brand before to be honest, but she offered to send me a few pieces from their collection so I decided to give it a shot!

Overall, I LOVE the pieces she sent me. LulaRoe is a brand that sells comfortable pieces of clothing that are also so cute! You can also be a “consultant” and sell the brand on your own which is what Tori does. She was so sweet and generous to send me these items from their collection!

The first item she sent is this adorable plain gray maxi skirt. I have honestly been on the lookout for a skirt like this for a while. Since I got it in the mail about two weeks ago, I have worn it 4-5 times! It is so comfortable and cute as well! I paired it with a black tank top from Francescas and waaaalaaa! This cute and easy outfit.


Processed with VSCO with q5 preset
How I feel in this new skirt 🙂
Processed with VSCO with q5 preset
SOOO flowy!

Processed with VSCO with q5 preset

Next, Tori sent me some black leggings which I totally needed with fall/winter quickly approaching. I basically live in leggings and Tori described them as “buttery” soft so I was ALL IN. They definitely did not disappoint! So comfy. I don’t have a picture of me wearing them, but I did take this photo:

Processed with VSCO with q5 preset
I will for sure be wearing these EVERY day in the fall and winter. You can win a pair of these in the giveaway!!

The last thing she sent me is this adorable “Irma” top:

Processed with VSCO with q5 preset
Once again, this is obvi not me in the pic (picture from pinterest) but this is an example of someone wearing the striped Irma top she sent me.

It’s so cute and so comfy!! Another staple I cannot wait to wear all the time. It is a high-low top (so perfect to pair with the leggings)

If you are interested in the giveaway, please go and follow Tori on instagram (@lularoe.tori) and then comment on MY photo about the giveaway and tag three people who may also be interested. You will then be entered to win a pair of LulaRoe Leggings and an Irma top to go with it!

Thanks for checking out this post and happy giveaway!!



Amanda Marie

style post: solid light co

Happy Friday my loves!

I’ve had the most amazing morning so far. I had an unexpected day off from work, which has honestly been the biggest blessing. This week was busy and hard at work. I just love how Jesus knows exactly what we need when we need it… like a day of rest. He’s amazing!

I wanted to share with you about an amazing new Christian clothing brand called Solid Light Co. They are based out of Columbus, Ohio and their mission is to “fill the void between fashion and religion.”

I communicated quite extensively with them and they always treated me with kindness and respect! I truly believe they are going to be extremely successful in their future endeavors.

They sent me a few pieces from their collection and I would love to show you what they sent me!

Processed with VSCO with q5 preset
“Faith can move mountains” Sweatshirt

I LOVE this so much. The material is so comfy and I can’t wait to sport this all around. It sends such a powerful messages and reminds me of the scripture Matthew 17:20, “He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

It will be such a special reminder to me, something that I need to always keep in mind.

Processed with VSCO with q5 preset
“Do all things with kindness” white tee

This is also such a cute piece! I love the florals, it is so feminine! I will definitely be wearing this with some cute black skinny jeans and sandals!

Processed with VSCO with q5 preset
“I love Jesus, coffee & naps” white tank

I mean, need I say more? This tank describes me perfectly and I couldn’t love it more.

I truly believe that Christian brands like this one are going to change the world. I cannot tell you the amount of times that I have been given “ministry opps” while wearing Christian clothing.  It sends such a cool message to the lost people of the world because they see the pride we have in sporting our Jesus attire and it also shows that Christians can be fashionable and cool too 😉


PS: if you want to order anything from Solid Light Co, you can use the code: “CAPT15%” between 8-17-16 and 9-17-16 for 15% off your order!

YAY! I hope you all enjoyed this post, I am going to be implanting a lot more style and life posts on the blog!


Amanda Marie