Style Post: Jord Watches

Hello friends!

I wanted to check in and share an awesome watch company that I have been loving ever since I collaborated with them about a year ago for a women’s watch!

This time, we collaborated for a men’s watch called the “Conway” style. I was so excited to work with them because my boyfriend has been wanting a nice new watch for a while and I thought it would make the absolute perfect gift.

And, I was right! He absolutely loves his watch and seriously has not taken it off since I gave it to him.

This is what the watch looks like up close:

When I mean he hasn’t taken it off, I mean like, ever! We recently took a trip to Seattle and here is a picture of him on our date to a cute restaraunt on the pier wearing his watch 🙂


It is such an amazing piece! Jord watches are timeless and absolutely beautifully crafted. I know they would make the perfect gift for just about any man!



Just look at that happy smile 🙂


Here is the link for the “Conway series” watches like this one!


Thanks again for reading and happy shopping!!



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