The Magic of New Beginnings.

Hello hello to my long, lost blog!

Wow, it has truly been forever since I blogged ANYTHING! Life has been so crazy with nursing school, and it has just been difficult to keep up with this!

However, I am setting new goals and new intentions for the months to come and I would love to blog more!

The title for this blog is inspired by Sseko Designs-an organization I am HONORED to be partnered with. They are a fashion brand based in Uganda and through their sales of BEAUTIFUL leather handbags, sandals, and accessories, they create opportunties for women around the whole world. Sseko creates job opportunities for girls in order to pursue their dreams of achieving a college education! To date, they have sent 87 girls through college!!

Want to get involved with this AMAZING group?! You can become a Sseko Fellow!

Click the link below to join:

“Every Fellow is paired one-to-one with a woman on our team in Uganda, and her sales directly contribute to earning an additional scholarship for her Sole Sister. Last year, thanks to our Sseko Fellows, we were able to TRIPLE the scholarships we provided to our university-bound team!”

That is a little blurb from their website about being a Sseko Fellow. You basically join and learn about Sseko, and then you can host your own trunk shows and earn commission off of the sales! It is SUCH an amazing way to earn some extra income AND give back 🙂

This new beginning is so magical for me, and I know it could be for you as well.

PS: Check out the blog post I am featured in this week for Sseko! Such an incredible blessing.

Here are some pictures of me in my Sseko goods with the links to purchase!

The Ada Tote in Black:


The Desert Glass Necklace:

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