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If you have been following my latest instagram posts, you know that I have been touching on the subject of feeling empty and burnt out lately. I have been feeling quite uninspired the past few weeks, and yesterday the Lord revealed to me why this is. He spoke to me while I was aimlessly scrolling through instagram, “Why do you spend so much time filling up on the world, and nearly no time filling up on THE WORD?”

Stopped me in my tracks.

Okay, God. You totally win on this one. I had nothing to contest. I was completely an utterly convicted.

I think we all can be guilty of this sometimes. It is so easy to spend hours upon hours of our time on social media. Checking Instagram, checking snapchat, checking Facebook…and then doing it all over again.

I started to realize that the reason I was feeling so worn out, uninspired, self conscious, etc. was because I wasn’t allowing God to break through the noise of the world.

You see, the thing about our Heavenly Father is that He so LONGS for relationship with us, but He never forces Himself upon us. He just simply sits and waits patiently for us to come meet Him at that sacred halfway point.

I don’t want to be a woman who is so focused on pleasing the world that I forget to please my Father. I want Him to be proud of me far more than I want the world to admire me. I want to be so wrapped up in Him, that the temporary pleasures of this world seem completely and utterly unappetizing.

So yesterday, I decided to sit down and brainstorm some ways that I can make some very intentional changes in my life in order to redirect my priorities and refocus my eyes on His.

I think that there tends to be a spiral effect that happens in our lives when we begin to take our eyes off of His. We begin to treat others poorly, we lack patience, and anger comes far too easily. We feel tired and empty so we start desperately clawing at anything or anyone to fill us up. We start to treat our bodies poorly and eat foods that aren’t honoring to God. We become lazy, begin to do our work halfway…not giving our best effort. We live life simply going through the motions until one day, we wake up and wonder how the heck we got to this point.

That paragraph above pretty much sums up the past month of my life.

But the amazing thing about our walk with Jesus is that we get endless “do overs.” He never runs out of grace. He never says, “enough is enough.” He doesn’t give up or walk away or lose His patience. And I am so eternally grateful for that truth.

I am starting over again. I’m sure some of you can relate to this cycle of do overs. I don’t want to keep living a life of starting and stopping. I want to start today and continue to grow in faith and in passion for my Jesus. I don’t want to grow apathetic again. I want to wake up each and every day, inspired, energetic, and filled with purpose.

Will you join me?

I have set specific goals for myself in order to implement these new changes intentionally:

1.) I downloaded the “First 5” app from Proverbs 31 Ministry. Its an app that wakes you up to a very calming alarm in the morning and prompts you to spend your first 5 minutes filling up on scripture and truth instead of immediately checking your phone for texts, instagram, etc. This morning was the first morning I used it, and man did it make a HUGE difference. I found myself walking with a pep in my step this morning instead of complaining and dragging my feet to work. DO IT. DOWNLOAD IT NOW 🙂

2.) Spend 30 minutes in the evening reading scripture/ faith based books/journaling/writing blog posts…whatever creative outlet I feel prompted to. Just as long as my focus is on the Lord for those 30 minutes. Turn my phone off and just be in His presence. I don’t think God NEEDS our time set aside for Him, but I do know He loves it and I do know that I desperately need it.

3.) Eat naturally and wholly, in a way that is honoring to God. I was doing whole30 for about 3 weeks, and then I fell of the wagon a week or so ago and started to eat poorly again. I have no doubt that the way I have been treating my body has played into how I am feeling spiritually and emotionally. All three aspects in our body: spiritual, emotional, and physical are all connected. I am a firm believer that when we treating our physical body in a way that is honoring to God, we reap the benefits both emotionally and spiritually.

4.) Drink more water. Use my “superfood green” powder every day from Itworks. Take my vitamins. Workout 4 times a week for AT LEAST 30 minutes.

5.) Be open and willing for increase and spiritual growth in my life. I think I have been stuck because I have been stuck in my ways for too long. I have hit a plateau because I haven’t been willing or motivated for increase. But I know God is calling me into a season of immense growth. I am expectant and I am willing.

So what are your goals and motivations? How can you turn from the world to the WORD this week and futhermore?

I’d love to hear! Comment below or on my instagram post 🙂

You are infinitely loved and purposed,

Amanda Marie

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