Our plans vs. His plans

Hello all of my beautiful captivating ladies!

I do apologize for the long gap between my posts. Life has a way of going through ebbs and flows of busy and relaxing, doesn’t it? I am coming out of a busy season and about to enter into another one, but I do want to make it a priority to start posting blogs again consistently. All of you are SO incredibly supportive and I feel so blessed to have you beautiful, wonderful women of God reading my work and being so encouraging each and every day.

I recently have been getting lost on the “dream train” yet again. By this I mean, I have SO many dreams and visions for SheisCaptivating, I sometimes tend to get carried away. I run ahead of God on my dreams…

I think dreaming is an amazing thing. I want all of us to have vision for our lives! Those visions are God-breathed and anointed and so special and unique to just you. But we must always remember that God’s timing for those dreams to come true, is absolutely the best timing.

Let me let you in on some news. A few weeks ago, I posted a few videos about the “prayer and praise reflex” and I told all of you that I didn’t get into nursing school again after having applied several times before. You see, I have always really wanted to go to the University of Colorado for nursing school because that is where I did my undergrad and I really loved the campus. I applied several times and even made it to the interview process there last October, only to find out I didn’t get in. I was super disappointed, but I was so determined to make MY PLAN for going to nursing school work that I decided to apply again this cycle. Well, a few days before I filmed that video, I got the news that I didn’t even make it to the interview process, I got straight up REJECTED.


I think sometimes, we see rejection as God closing a door, when a lot of times it just means He is opening a much bigger door. A better door. A more beautiful door than we could ever imagine.

After I got rejected from CU, I just quietly whispered a prayer to God, “I know you have something better. I am disappointed in this moment, but I’m surrendering this dream to you, yet again.”

God is so faithful, you guys.

Two weeks later, I was driving home from camping with my family in the mountains and I decided to check my email. To my surprise, I found an acceptance letter in my inbox from Regis University offering me acceptance into their BSN Accelerated Program. You see, after having been rejected from CU I actually had completely forgotten about applying to this program. Isn’t that what rejection does to you sometimes? It blinds you to all the other options out there, because the option YOU WANTED was taken away?

I just want to encourage all of you ladies today, if you have dreams and plans deep down in your heart…they are there for a REASON. God put them there! He created us in HIS IMAGE with HIS HEART for things. He places specific dreams in our hearts so that He can accomplish His will in our lives.

If you have been rejected in some form or fashion from your dreams…DON’T GIVE UP.

Hold fast to those dreams and pray through them. Surrender them to the Lord each and every single moment of every single day. He is not a tyrant King. He wants to give us the desires of our hearts. It may just be at a completely different time in your life than YOU would have planned. Maybe it won’t look anything like how you thought you wanted it to look. But if I’ve learned anything…it’s that God takes our dreams and desires and He MULTIPLIES them. He is GENEROUS and abundant in love. He is Master Crafter. He takes our dreams and chuckles and says,”Just you wait, my daughter. I cannot wait to show you just how GOOD I am.”

Isaiah 55:9, “”As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” 

Ephesians 3:20, “20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.”

Keep dreaming, dear captivating one. Your dreams are beautiful and unique to only you.

You are infinitely loved,

xoxo Amanda Marie


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