a captivating woman is powerful

When did being a woman start to mean faking weakness?

When did we start undermining our power in an effort to seem more feminine?

Or worse, when did the pendulum swing way too far the other way in an effort to gain back our power to the point where we are out for vengeance against men and society? Out for control? Out to “make it to the top?”

You see, I don’t think either of these are God’s intention for women. I know He certainly did not create us to be weak. I also know He did not create us to be fighting for control within society, the workplace, or even the home.

The bible talks about this concept of “meekness” which by definition means, “power under control.”


Now that is a much different concept than being weak. And I truly believe that this is the will of God for the life of a captivating woman.

Going back to the fact that we are indeed, without a question, made in the image of the one true God…we should look at His character and realize that He is POWERFUL.

I heard a quote once that says, “God is in charge, but He is NOT in control.”

At the time, that completely blew up my theology. I always heard and always said to others, “God is in control.” But the thing is, if He was in control of our lives, He would not have given us free will. We would be like little minions running around the planet doing exactly what God told us to at the exact right time. But one look at the world we live in today, and it quickly becomes apparent that people really do have choices. Each individual has the CHOICE to love God and submit to His CHARGE in our lives, or we have the choice to go out and make out own decisions and choose against His CHARGE.

But that is the thing, we have the CHOICE.

I don’t know about you, but this concept makes me want to fall to my knees in love and complete awe of my Creator. I cannot believe that God, in His perfect goodness, created us in His IMAGE and then literally handed over the keys to us and said, “Okay now you drive.”

So, just to make sure you are following me right now. Two things: We are in control of our lives and our decisions, and we have the very POWER of God dwelling inside of us.

Now, have you ever heard the quote, “With great POWER, comes great responsibility?” I think it is from Spider Man or something, but that is beside the point.

God gave us both FREE WILL and POWER. But with that, comes RESPONSIBILITY and I think this is the main message God is trying to get out to His people right now. He is NOT responsible for the world’s bad decisions. He is NOT responsible for the climate changing and natural disasters. He is NOT responsible for cancer and for people getting sick due some of the foods that we eat and the drinks that we drink. He gave us every GOOD and PERFECT thing we could ever need to live healthy and full lives, it’s our BAD CHOICES that have led us to the way the world is now.

God is good and holy and perfect and GOOD!!!

Sister, please hear this. If ANYTHING bad or evil or sick or demented has happened in your life, it WAS NOT God who authored it. He certainly did not DESIRE it for your life. It was simply the result of a broken human being making a broken CHOICE for evil. Maybe it was a result of your choice, but sometimes the bad things that happen to us are the result of another person’s choice for evil and there is nothing we can do about it….

Or can we?

When something bad happens in our life, we usually default to looking up at the sky and shaking our fists and yelling, “WHY GOD DID YOU LET THIS HAPPEN? WHY DO YOU WANT BAD THINGS FOR ME? WHY DO BAD THINGS KEEP HAPPENING?”

And God, in His graciousness and perfect gentleness is whispering, “My Child, I created you to be a perfect image of ME. I created you for good and perfect things. But I also gave you and everyone else the CHOICE to choose good or evil. I’m so sorry these things have happened to you. My heart breaks with each lost child making evil choices. But please do not believe that I WANTED these things for you life. I am a good Father.”

Let me ask you this.

Does a good earthly father force you to love him? Does he cage you in the house and FORCE you to make good decisions? I know my father did an amazing job of TEACHING me the right way to go, but then SENDING me out into the broken world and letting me make my own DECISIONS. Did I mess up? Absolutely. But did I learn the concept of responsibility for my choices? OH YES. And that is what a GOOD father does.

Listen, friend. We can control the decisions we make. Sometimes, WE make really poor decisions and therefore, we step outside of God’s perfect covering of protection for our lives and sometimes evil things happen. And sometimes, OTHER people make really bad decisions and they HURT us and leave us wounded and broken. It may feel like we are helpless to our circumstances when others break our hearts and shatter our lives but the thing is…WE ARE POWERFUL.

Just like we can choose to love God and choose to DO GOOD, we also have the CHOICE of what to do when we are wounded by another person’s evil choice. We can choose to submit to God’s truth even when our circumstances are the EXACT OPPOSITE. When we are broken by another person, we may feel completely shattered and useless and like nothing is ever going to go right again in our lives, or we can CHOOSE to believe, “I am redeemed and made whole in the blood of Jesus Christ who died for my decisions, and for all of my brothers and sister’s BAD decisions.”

We can choose to be a victim to our circumstances, whether that be sickness, brokenness, abuse, infertility…

OR we can choose to embrace the POWER of God in us, The STRENGTH of God in us and believe that God did not intend these things for our lives. We have the POWER to be content in all circumstances knowing that God is working all things for our good.

Sometimes, bad things happen to us that are out of our control. I am so sorry your heart has been broken. I am so sorry that you are sick. I am SO sorry that our world is broken and sinful and so far from God’s truest intention for us. But I also know that God has given all of us GREAT power and GREAT responsibility. This may not be a very popular truth, we want to believe that God is in complete control and therefore we don’t have to take responsibility for the state of our home, our relationships, our families, or our heart…

But the second that God created us with free will, He knowingly handed the keys to His children fully realizing that we would mess it all up. But He also knew the only way we could truly love Him is if we could CHOOSE to love Him. So out of His perfect love for us, He gave us a CHOICE. Sadly, that choice has been abused over and over and over again.

But there is good news in all of this. We serve such a gracious and GOOD God who loves us SO much that He gives us the keys to our “car” of life knowing that we are going to crash it over and over and over again. But we serve A JESUS who will come and rescue us from the fiery mess that we CREATE, even if the crash was entirely our fault.

I’m weeping real tears as I think on this Jesus.

He is so good.


You are actually God’s good and perfect IMAGE.

So, if you learn one thing from this post today, PLEASE hear this.

You are CAPTIVATING. You are POWERFUL. You have the choice to not let your current circumstances shake you. You have the CHOICE to believe the truth over all the lies.

Walk in that POWER today, sister.

You are entirely loved.

In Christ,

Amanda Marie

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