He doesn’t hide himself.


This past weekend I was given the incredible blessing to attend a conference at Red Rocks Church in Denver, Colorado. I have been blessed to attend this church for about a year and a half and have watched God move mountains in people’s lives each and every day through it. I have been especially blessed to attend the Young Adults Ministry every Thursday evening as well, and let me tell you, God’s fire is so present in that place. You simply cannot walk into the house without tangibly feeling the presence of the Spirit. It is full and ALIVE with 20 something’s excited and on fire for the Lord. There truly is nothing better.

The conference was nothing short of incredible. We all experienced a sweet touch of Heaven that I will never forget. And of course, the Spirit moved in my heart like never before. I walked away forever changed. I am walking in a new degree of freedom, a new measure of joy, and my heart has never been so intimate with the Lord Jesus.

During one of the worship songs, a beautiful melody sung by Amanda Cook titled, “Pieces” I was absolutely WRECKED by the gentle love of the Spirit. Through the lyrics of this song and the amazing worship calling the Presence into the house, I was touched in a completely new way, and quite honestly I cannot get this revelation out my head since.

“You don’t give your heart in pieces. You don’t hide  yourself to tease us.” 

These lyrics led me on a beautiful journey to the throne room where I had the most beautiful realization that these were not just lyrics that we sing while in worship on Sunday, but that they were also the very will of God for our lives.

I asked Him, “Father, are these words true? Do you really give your whole heart to everyone? Is your WHOLE heart really mine?” 

And like I said, the answer absolutely wrecked me. I found myself in tears, arms held open wide, as if I was physically reaching up towards My Heavenly Father, just wanted to literally BEAR HUG Him.

“Everything I have is yours. My fullness is yours.” 

You see, I have always found myself slightly frustrated by the amount of Christians who pray for things that Jesus has already feely given. I know I am not innocent in this practice. I too have prayed for things that Jesus has already given me victory in through His death on the cross.

But quite honestly, it is an epidemic in the Christian world.

We pray for revival.

We pray for freedom from the chains of sin.

We pray for energy.

We pray for health.

We pray for spiritual BREAKTHROUGH.

We pray for opportunities to serve Him, opportunities to spread the gospel.

But then we never lift a finger…

We pray for revival so that we can place the responsibility back on God to move in the lives of our city, in the lives of our country, maybe just in the lives of our own home, BUT WE NEVER MOVE OURSELVES.

We pray for for freedom from chains of sin, but we never TAP into the freedom and the strength from the Holy Spirit in order to rid our lives of that particular sin. We don’t fully walk in the truth that “You have been set free from sin.” Romans 6:18 

We pray for energy in times of exhaustion, but we never TAP into the energy FLOWING THROUGH US in the Holy Spirit who DWELLS IN US! We don’t acknowledge that “He gives strength to the weary and and increases the power of the weak.” Isaiah 40:29 

We pray for spiritual health, physical health, but we don’t acknowledge the truth that “By HIS stripes we are healed” Isaiah 53: 5 

We pray for spiritual breakthrough, but we are unwilling to let God tear down the walls and chains in our hearts so that He can fully move and give us that breakthrough.

We pray for opportunities to serve Him, and opportunities to spread the gospel, yet we ignore the lost souls in our VERY FAMILY. We pray for opportunities and then walk right by the homeless man on the corner without even acknowledging him with a smile.

Now, I am CERTAINLY not discrediting the power of prayer. I am not saying that we should not pray for our needs and the needs of others. There is so much power in prayer, but you know what is even more powerful? Prayers coming from the heart of someone who walks in the fullness of what Jesus did on the cross for us. Knowing in her heart that whether her prayers are answered on this side of heaven or not, she WILL taste and SEE the goodness of God in the heavenly realms. Prayers coming from a heart that KNOWS in her bones that she has the HOLY SPIRIT and all of His giftings, and all of His fruit simply because she said “YES” to Jesus.

Dear friend, I am not asking you to stop praying. God is our FATHER, and HE loves when we ask for help in our times of need. I am simply asking that as Christians, we stop discrediting what Jesus already accomplished on the cross for us. I am also asking that we stop putting all of the responsibility on God to move in our lives and start MOVING ourselves. Revival starts with us. Revival starts with a heart who knows how much power she has. A heart that knows she possesses God’s FULL HEART, not just pieces of His heart.

I am on a journey towards becoming absolutely SATURATED in the fullness. I am at a place where I recognize that through the Spirit in me, I have UNLIMITED RESOURCES. I have unlimited energy! I have unlimited joy! I have unlimited power! All through His fullness that He gives freely to those who simply say, “LORD.”

John 1:16 reads, ” For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace.” We have all received! We have received his FULLNESS through GRACE. Grace is equal to salvation. Therefore, all of us who have received salvation, have therefore received God’s fullness.

Ephesians 3:19 reads, “and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God.” KNOW THE LOVE OF CHRIST. KNOW HIM. Deeply and intimately know Him, and therefore be completely FILLED up with His fullness.

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like amazing news to me. I don’t have to work to earn more and more pieces of His heart. He doesn’t give His heart away like piece of candy to a well-behaved child. “Oh you didn’t sin today, here is a little more of my heart.” “Oh, you spent TWO hours in quiet time today instead of one, here is a tiny bit more of my heart.”


Instead, He looked at my broken and entirely unworthy soul at the moment of my salvation and He spoke, “Here you go, daughter. Have ALL of me. I love you with MY WHOLE HEART.” 

Wrecked. Absolutely Wrecked.

I am so glad I serve the Lord Jesus who gave it all for me. I am so glad I serve a Heavenly Father who looks at me as worthy of having His whole heart.

I think we as Christians like to complicate God. We think He likes to hide himself, we think He likes to tease us. We think he is like a maze, or a puzzle to unlock. We think that we can obtain special keys to unlock more and more of His fullness by our good works. But in reality, He gives us one HUGE MASTER KEY at the moment of salvation that unlocks EVERYTHING.

Wow, friends. He is so amazing. He loves me so much.


So, if you have accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, please begin to walk in the fullness of what that really means. Please acknowledge the CRAZY truth that the Holy Spirit is living and breathing in you as we speak.

Let that truth empower you. 

Let that truth heal you. 

Let that truth FILL you. 

Praise. Him.


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