Style Collaboration with Nell and Rose

Over the years of sheiscaptivating, I have often received the question, “Where do you shop?” or “What place do you recommend shopping at for cute, affordable, and tasteful clothing?” 

My personal favorite places to shop are small, online boutiques. I absolutely love supporting small, because I am a small-business owner myself. I love to support women who are chasing after their dreams and opening small shops online! Not to mention, the clothing they carry is so unique and special and nothing like you find at your typical huge retailers like Forever21 and H&M.

One of these special shops I recently fell in love with is Nell and Rose. They have the most beautiful simple pieces in their shop, and I truly fell in love with each and every one! They were gracious enough to gift me with four unique tops from their shop, and I am delighted to share them with you today!

You can find them at

The first piece I want share with you is this adorable “Lace Contrast Cold Shoulder” Top

I just love how feminine it is! I feel so pretty in this and it is so easy to style. Throw it on with some jeans or some cute shorts and you are ready to go.

You can find it here:

The next top I am so excited to share with you is this, “Sail Away Cold Shoulder” top which just happens to be on sale right now!!

I am obsessed with anything OTS and I think this top is perfect for that transition month of August! I love the color choices that Nell and Rose chooses to incorporate into their pieces. Everything is simple and delicate!

You can find this top here:

Next is the “Macey Double Strap” tank. I love this tank because the pattern is so unique!

The best part of all of these tops is how effortlessly they come together to form super cute outfits!!

You can find this top here:

Lastly, is this “Throw Away the Key Tank” which is my favorite item in the bunch! I have already worn it several times, the material is so soft and to DIE FOR.

Throw Away the Key Tank

So cute right?!

Like I said, I love to shop small and I love telling people about all these amazing boutiques when they ask where I got my clothes from!!

Well friends, that concludes this style post! Thank you for stopping by, now go show Shop Nell and Rose some love!!



The Key to Combatting a Greedy Spirit

Just two days ago, I embarked on my nightly walk around a path that I have grown to love. I have been doing these walks for a while because they are a way to disconnect and be with Jesus. I usually put on some worship music and just try to relax and move.

This night however, I felt so empty. I began to explore this feeling and seek Jesus on it. If I am being honest, I have been feeling this way for a while. Empty, anxious, not at peace.

I started to explore these feelings and realized they were ultimately stemming from a root of disconnectedness. I had not been connecting with my Savior in the weeks prior, and the negative effects were really beginning to show.

As the conversation with my heart and Jesus continued, He also revealed to me that I had been operating out of a greedy spirit. Yikes, if that doesn’t sound yucky, I don’t know what does.

So what is a greedy spirit? And how exactly have I been operating out of one?

A greedy spirit is a spirit who always wants more. A spirit that is not satisfied with what it already has been gifted with. This spirit can manifest in a variety of ways, and it is different and unique to each individual. For me, it was showing it’s ugly head in many ways. Some of these being: wanting more success at blogging, wanting more material things, wanting a better body, wanting more friends, wanting more income, etc.

See, the problem with a greedy spirit is it lies to us. It tells us that if we just get that one thing, we will finally arrive at true happiness. However, the truth is that there is no destination for happiness and if we live this way, we will live our entire lives missing all of the wonderful gifts around us.

Another thing a greedy spirit does is it leaves us feeling empty and anxious. The exact feelings I have been experiencing lately. That emptiness comes from always trying to chase after the illusion that happiness is just right around the corner…

The wonderful thing about the Holy Spirit is that if we allow Him, He will guide us into a solution for the emptiness we are feeling. On my walk, He began to reveal to me the solution for a greedy spirit.

A thankful spirit.

An intentional and mindful spirit that lives completely in the moment and is present and grateful for each and every gift.

I truly believe that this is Christ’s will for us: to live with a grateful heart always. 

Here are some beautiful verses about thankfulness that I have been trying to meditate on recently.

“Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,” Ephesians 5:20

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.” James 1:17

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:6-7

That verse from Philippians is my LIFE VERSE. It has truly transformed my life and healed me from anxiety. I got away from the thankful part recently though, and I am looking forward to letting it transform my heart once more.

Those are just a few of my favorite verses about thankfulness, but it is a theme that is recurrent throughout scripture! I believe that being truly thankful in all circumstances of life is the key to an abundant and happy life.

So today, I am thankful for so many things. I have only been awake for about two hours but I am thankful for:

1.) Legs that work to get me out of bed in the morning

2.) Hot coffee

3.) My mama who greets me when I come up the stairs

4.) My soft pup who cuddles with me while I wake up

5.) Slow mornings and time off from school

6.) GF donuts 🙂

7.) My gift of writing and the way my soul feels as my fingers hit the keyboard


9.) All of the wonderful people in my life including all of my friends and my sweet boyfriend.

10.) I am just grateful for life today. For health and wellness. For the very breath in my lungs.

I encourage all of you to write out ten things you are grateful for today, and repeat each and every day. Live slowly and intentionally and don’t forget to take deep breaths. Thank Jesus for each and every blessing, because each and every gift indeed comes from Him.

Be blessed and loved!!


Q&A About Living a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Hello all of my captivating ladies!!

I am back to blogging, after taking a long time off. There are many reasons for my lapse in posting on the blog, but I don’t need to get into those right now.

What is more important is that I am back, and I have so many goals and dreams for this space in the next coming months.

Sheiscaptivating has always been such a special dream in my heart, but the past few months I have really been struggling with the true purpose and direction that I want it to go in.

However, the Lord has given me some clarity, and I feel a renewed sense of purpose in it now.

That being said, I am so excited to start talking about my health and wellness journey with all of you! I have been on an exclusively plant-based diet for about 4 months now, and I can honestly say it has been the best decision I have ever made about my health so far.

This journey started when I watched the documentary “What the Health” on Netflix. Now, before I get a bunch of backlash about that, let me just say I am aware that documentaries have bias and so on and so forth. However, I have actually watched more than 6 documentaries since then and have done a TON of my own research, which has only strengthened my beliefs about the plant-based lifestyle. As a future nurse, I have always been interested in nutrition, and took several nutrition classes in college (in my previous degree). I truly believe that food can be the most powerful medicine, but it can also do the most harm to our health.

Yesterday, I asked you guys to send me a direct message about your questions about living this lifestyle, and I received so many messages! That makes me so excited that so many of you are interested!!

So lets get started!!

“Are you a vegan or a vegetarian? Tell me more!”

I am a vegan. Well, almost. I stopped eating ALL animal products 4 months ago cold-turkey. I do not consume any meat or dairy products including anything that comes from a cow, chicken, pig, etc. That means I do not eat cheese, milk, yogurt. I also do not consume eggs. However, on a very rare occasion, I do still consume shellfish (shrimp, scallops, crab), but this is on a very rare occasion. The reason for this is that I do not have the same convictions morally and spiritually about these foods. Although, I am still doing research on consuming these and will always strive to know the best evidence! I will keep you updated on that. That all being said, I prefer to call myself plant-based because “vegan” has such a negative stigma attached to it. It shouldn’t be that way at all! However, I am still in the transition period from moving away from animal-tested makeup and skin care, I have no eliminated ALL animals products in that way, so I for now, I refer to myself as PLANT-BASED meaning 98 percent of what I consume and use on a daily basis comes from exclusively plants. 🙂

“How do you get enough protein when living off a plant-based diet?”

To start off, women need 46 grams of protein per day. That is the recommended daily intake. There is a small amount of wiggle room in there, but I would say anywhere from 42-46 grams is reasonable for a woman. Here is the thing: the protein myth is a lie from the meat and dairy industry trying to get us to believe we need way more protein than we do, and that the only way to get protein is from animals and animal products. The irony in this is that animals actually ge their protein from plants (LOL). Think about this logically, the animals humans consume are herbivores meaning they only eat plants themselves. So, logically we have to assume that they actually get their protein from the plants they consume. I did my research on this as well, and I found that assumption to be true! Cows and chickens are herbivores and get their protein exclusively from plants. Therefore, it is not necessary to get our protein from the animals because they are just acting as a “middle man” of sorts.

Here is a list of food items I eat on a typical basis and the protein content of each:

A can of organic black beans (I love the SW premium brand): has 28 grams of protein. Now, thats the whole can which some people wouldn’t eat in a day, but I typically have a TON of black beans in my diet because I know how much protein they have. Even just half the can is 14 grams of protein.

Quinoa (I love the Ancient Harvest Traditional Quinoa and the Organic Lundberg Quinoa): Just one cup of Quinoa has around 24 grams of protein and the serving size (1/4 cup) has 6 grams. I never only eat the serving size because I know how much protein I need and on a plant-based diet, I do not find the need to count calories 🙂

Garbanzo Beans: I cup is 10 grams of protein. I love to make my own hummus in the blender and use the whole can of garbanzo beans! I usually eat almost all of it within two days, therefore consuming 17.5 grams of protein in 2 days just from that.

Brown Rice: 1 cup has 12 grams of protein. I eat a lot of brown rice in my Buddha Bowls and will oftentimes combine it with some organic quinoa yielding a whopping 36 grams of protein in just one Buddha Bowl (and that is excluding veggies).

Pinto Beans: One cup has 14 grams and the whole can has 24.5 grams 🙂

Coconut Almond Butter: Not only is this stuff delicious with some celery sticks, it has 6 grams of protein in just 2 Tbsp!!

When I make a buddha bowl, I typically add some bell peppers (1 gram each), some tomatoes (1 gram each) some purple cabbage (1 gram in 0.5 cups shredded), some celery (0.7 grams in one cup), some kale (1.4 grams in 2 cups), an avocado (4 grams for the whole thing).

You get the point!! When I add all of those veggies in with the quinoa and the brown rice, I am getting anywhere from 36-45 grams of protein in JUST ONE MEAL!!

These are only a few examples of protein sources in a plant-based diet, but as you can see there are absolutely no health benefits to eating meat that you cannot also find in a plant-based diet. The best advantage is that there is NO cholesterol in plant-based protein sources like there is in animal products and we all know how horrible cholesterol is for your heart!

“What is the best testing protein powder?”

I love the “Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal” shake! I personally don’t love the taste of stevia, so I prefer to stay away from it in my protein shakes. Thi sone is great because it does not have much of a taste and is not sweetened with stevia. It is not that good on it’s own, but I typically buy some organic frozen fruit like mangoes and blueberries and blend it all up in the blender with a scoop of this powder! I also usually add a cup of almond milk or coconut milk as well. Just one scoop of this has 20 grams of plant-based protein!! That almost half your daily intake 🙂

“What foods does a normal lunch consist of for you?

What are some easy go to meals?”

I chose to combine these two questions because they have a similar answer! As I mentioned before, I absolutely LOVE buddha bowls. Basically, a buddha bowl is just a mix of veggies and grains in a big bowl with some sort of sauce on it. You can find tons if recipes and examples on Pinterest.

Those are just a few examples!!

I also love buying the Amy’s Brand of frozen meals when I have to go to school or clinical because they are so easy to just throw in the microwave. I try really hard not to consume frozen things that have to be microwaved because I am skeptical about them, but sometimes for the sake of convenience I will eat these meals and they are very yummy! They are all organic with no preservatives and almost all of them are vegan!

Here is a link to their website:

“What is your advice on getting started on a budget as a college student?”

This is another question that I definitely get passionate about because I do not believe that eating plant-based has to be expensive!! A lot of what I eat is canned like organic beans! Canned foods really are not expensive at all. Also, I suggest buying in bulk. You can get almost all of the above ingredients I talked about by buying in bulk from the grocery store and it lasts forever!

Here is another article of 15 meals that are plant based to eat on a budget!!

15 Plant-Based Meals on a Budget

I hope this helped some of you clear up some questions you have and hopefully help you out on your journey towards optimum health and wellness!!

I will be posting many more articles about health and wellness and my plant-based lifestyle in the future 🙂

As always, you are so captivating: in every sense of the word.

Be blessed today,


Style Post: Jord Watches

Hello friends!

I wanted to check in and share an awesome watch company that I have been loving ever since I collaborated with them about a year ago for a women’s watch!

This time, we collaborated for a men’s watch called the “Conway” style. I was so excited to work with them because my boyfriend has been wanting a nice new watch for a while and I thought it would make the absolute perfect gift.

And, I was right! He absolutely loves his watch and seriously has not taken it off since I gave it to him.

This is what the watch looks like up close:

When I mean he hasn’t taken it off, I mean like, ever! We recently took a trip to Seattle and here is a picture of him on our date to a cute restaraunt on the pier wearing his watch 🙂


It is such an amazing piece! Jord watches are timeless and absolutely beautifully crafted. I know they would make the perfect gift for just about any man!



Just look at that happy smile 🙂


Here is the link for the “Conway series” watches like this one!


Thanks again for reading and happy shopping!!



Collaboration with Restricted Shoes

Hello all of my beautiful friends and happy Friday!

I am popping over to the blog to share with you a new fave shoe shop of mine!

I came across Restricted Shoes on instagram and fell in love. They offer a wide variety of the hottest shoe trends for a great price!

You can literally find any style of shoe you’d like on their site ranges from adorable trendy mules to heels.

I chose some ADORABLE flats called the Bel Air Whiskey flats and I am in LOVE.

Here is the link to the shoes!

I love these shows because they are sooo unique and fun! They are perfect to throw on with a floral maxi dress or even some cute skinny jeans!



I will definitely be frequenting this site for all of my shoe needs and I think you should check them out yourself 🙂

I hope you have the courage to begin again.

“I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.”-Eric Roth

Have you ever gotten so far off track that it is difficult to tell who you truly are and whose you truly are?

Have you ever just stopped and wondered, “How in the world did I get HERE?” 

I had one of those moments last night.

Truthfully, it has been a difficult few months for me. With the stress of nursing school and keeping up with relationships during this busy time, I have slowly but surely lost track of who I am and more importantly WHOSE I am.

Busyness became my identity, and it became a shadow in which I could hide from the REAL condition of my heart.

I think in today’s world, it is so easy to hide. It is so easy to numb.

You can simply find things to make you busy, and suddenly the weight of your feelings and hurts and struggles don’t feel quite as heavy anymore.

At least, temporarily.

I have had two weeks off from nursing school and you would think that at this current moment I would feel refreshed, rejuvenated, rested…?


Currently, I feel completely worn out, exhausted, stressed out, busy, and SICK.

I NEVER get sick, yet this morning I woke up feeling absolutely terrible and it was such a huge reality check for me. I have been running myself into the ground with things that need to be done that I forgot what I really needed to be doing during this time…rest.

These past two weeks I cleaned my room, purged everything I own, cleaned my car, went to Arizona, worked on my blog, made a bunch of mugs for my etsy shop, worked out a bunch, cooked, shopped, cleaned some more, organized to no end.

I wrote a bunch of to-do lists and crossed everything off of them.

I thought incessantly about all of the things I needed to do/buy/fix that would make me feel happier.

I made “vision boards” for how I wanted my wardrobe to look and my body to look.

I obsessed over how I could feel more happy, fulfilled, content, etc.

And you know what I DIDN’T do once?

Talk with Jesus. Sit with Him and BE STILL. Read the word. Journal. Just rest in His presence.

NOT ONCE. Until last night.

Last night, I finally was able to attend Young Adults which is the ministry I am blessed to be a part of. I met with Jesus during worship in a radical way and He and I decided it was time for a RADICAL CHANGE.

You see, I have let the world define what I need to “get done” in a day for far too long. I am quite frankly EXHAUASTED and even my physical body is failing me as a result. I have let the world define what I need to look like, dress like, be like. I am just so tired.

I don’t exactly know what this new “me” will look like. I know Jesus and I still have a lot of figuring out to do. But I do know this, there are some practical things I am going to implement into my life to reprioritize what truly matters:

1.) Spend 30 minutes at night before bed with Jesus. Phone off. Candles lit. Just me and Him and the word. A true date with Him, with absolutely no distractions.

2.) No more watching TV shows while falling asleep. Jesus revealed to me last night that I am afraid of the quiet. It makes me uncomfortable, but He wants to meet me there. So last night was the first night in about a year I fell asleep without my netflix playing in the background. I plan to keep that up.

3.) Declutter, not add clutter. It’s time to stop buying unnecessary things to just fill my space and my heart with. I have decided to take a break from buying material things (only necessities) and instead focus on being GRATEFUL for what I do have.

4.) Be AWARE of God throughout the day. I am talking ACUTELY aware of His voice and His blessings in the day-to-day. Like the birds chirping and the smell of flowers kind-of-aware. I just want to STOP MISSING IT.

5.) Be mindful. Truly taste my food and just live SLOW. I want to take it all in. This life is so glorious and I have been missing the mark lately.

So, these are some practical things I am doing to try to RECONNECT again. I want to live a life of connection. I want to be deeply rooted and grounded in His love for me. Nothing else matters. NOTHING.

So today, if you find yourself in a similar boat, I hope you have the courage to start anew. His mercies are new. And He is always waiting for you to come back home.

The Magic of New Beginnings.

Hello hello to my long, lost blog!

Wow, it has truly been forever since I blogged ANYTHING! Life has been so crazy with nursing school, and it has just been difficult to keep up with this!

However, I am setting new goals and new intentions for the months to come and I would love to blog more!

The title for this blog is inspired by Sseko Designs-an organization I am HONORED to be partnered with. They are a fashion brand based in Uganda and through their sales of BEAUTIFUL leather handbags, sandals, and accessories, they create opportunties for women around the whole world. Sseko creates job opportunities for girls in order to pursue their dreams of achieving a college education! To date, they have sent 87 girls through college!!

Want to get involved with this AMAZING group?! You can become a Sseko Fellow!

Click the link below to join:

“Every Fellow is paired one-to-one with a woman on our team in Uganda, and her sales directly contribute to earning an additional scholarship for her Sole Sister. Last year, thanks to our Sseko Fellows, we were able to TRIPLE the scholarships we provided to our university-bound team!”

That is a little blurb from their website about being a Sseko Fellow. You basically join and learn about Sseko, and then you can host your own trunk shows and earn commission off of the sales! It is SUCH an amazing way to earn some extra income AND give back 🙂

This new beginning is so magical for me, and I know it could be for you as well.

PS: Check out the blog post I am featured in this week for Sseko! Such an incredible blessing.

Here are some pictures of me in my Sseko goods with the links to purchase!

The Ada Tote in Black:


The Desert Glass Necklace:

VICTORS, not victims.

Okay guys,

I do apologize for not posting on the blog for a while now. Well, I am kind of sorry but also kind of not because the Good Lord has done a work in my heart over the past few weeks. I’m talking a full forced RENOVATION. I am truly a new creation, and am walking in a new level of freedom I never thought was possible. I am just on my knees grateful to Jesus for everything He has done and everything He will do.

He’s amazing.

Anyways, today I felt it laid on my heart that there are so many Christians who just aren’t walking in freedom. Plain and simple. And I totally understand why, because up until this past weekend, I really wasn’t walking in freedom completely either. I was still very much walking through anxiety, fear, stagnation in my faith, doubts, and feeling like I was just being consumed by lies from the enemy every hour of every day. I guess I began to just accept that as how it was supposed to be because “being a Christian is hard, ya’ll” and yes, it is hard. There is some truth to that statement. But I truly believe now, that it was never supposed to be a war. We were never supposed to be constantly in battle against ourselves and our mind. We were never supposed to spend our lives fighting battles that Jesus already WON for us.

Let me tell you about a vision I had during worship a few weeks ago. I was worshipping with my eyes closed (of course) and The Lord began to bring me into a very vivid, very intense vision. In this vision, I was in a dark prison cell. There was cement everywhere, the walls and the floor. There were NO windows. It was dark and grimy and felt…evil. I looked in the corner, and saw My Sweet Jesus chained up and beaten up and bruised and battered. It was a heart breaking sight. In this vision, I had a bird’s eye view of myself, at around the age of maybe 10 or so and I was wearing a white dress. I kept running back to Jesus and ushering him to come with me. I kept grabbing His battered arm, begging Him to get up and come.

He kept pointing at the prison door (which was open) and telling me to leave. There were no words exchanged between me and Jesus, just gestures.

After the vision, I was confused and didn’t quite know what God was trying to reveal to me through it. But after asking Holy Spirit to give me clarity, I heard the sentence,

Stop going back to the things Jesus died for you to have freedom in.”


I began to tear up and realize that vision was a wake up call for me, and I believe many others to realize that Jesus wasn’t joking when He said, “IT IS FINISHED.” He literally wore our chains and our bruises and our wounds FOR US! We cannot ever, ever become complacent about this truth. So, if Jesus really did die for our suffering and for us to have full freedom, why are so many of us still in bondage?

Good question.

I think the answer was also revealed in my vision…

We willingly go to back to those things. We want to take them back from Jesus (aka take them down from the cross.)

You see, Jesus can completely deliver us from something, yet we keep running back because it is comfortable. Because we have made a home for those things. Things like fear, anxiety, depression, bad health, etc.

I know this is controversial, I will probably get some backlash for speaking this truth, but I know that Jesus is anointing me with this message, so I will preach LOUD for all to hear.


As Christians, we can no longer have a victim mentality. Because we actually aren’t victims, at all. We are VICTORS.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want Jesus’ death to be in vain. I will never forget the picture of Him in my dream…His suffering. His brokenness. All because of my sin. I will not let His death be in VAIN. Instead, I will take the victory He freely gave me and RUN WITH IT.

Cool story, I got baptized officially last weekend by my sister in a random little lake. As I held her hand walking out into the water, She told me, “As we were walking out, I saw this vision of you RUNNING OUT THE DOOR OF THE PRISON CELL. In your white dress.”

GUYS! Are you serious? He is so cool and so good! He is so willing to give you deliverance form your struggles. Are you willing? Are you willing to give it all to Him and trust that His death was enough??

I will end with a verse.

Luke 11: 24-26 reads, “When an unclean spirit has gone out of a person, it passes through waterless places seeking rest, and finding none it says, “I will return to my house from which I came. And when it comes, it finds the house swept and put in order. Then it goes and brings seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they enter and dwell there. And the state of that person is worse than the first.”

Guys, Jesus is SO willing to bring you freedom in your life. That’s literally WHO HE IS. But if after Jesus heals and delivers us, we merely “sweep” up the houses of our heart, and don’t do a complete and total heart renovation…like top to bottom sterilization, we are simply inviting those evil things to come back, stronger than before because those things are WELCOME there.


Ask Jesus to deliver you today, friend. But be prepared to do a serious remodeling in your heart. It is Jesus’ job to free us, but it is OUR responsibility to sanctify ourselves and create a place where those spirits are no longer welcome.

Freedom is FREE!! Take Hold of it today.

You are so loved,

Amanda Marie


style post: PoppyandDot

Okay okay. Let’s all be basic for a second and talk about how amazing it is that it’s almost FALL?!

I know I personally could not be more excited of fall weather, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, red wine, and cuddly nights. I don’t mind being basic if it means loving all of these things.

I have a really fun style post for you today. I am collaborating with PoppyandDot to bring you this seriously AMAZE fall outfit.

They sent me this dress, and I nearly fell over and died when I got it in the mail. It’s perfect for the coming Fall days. The color and style are gorgeous.

I paired it with some red lips, some Freebirds, and a cute hat from H&M and it’s safe to say I will be flaunting this around well into the fall months…at least until it starts snowing here in CO.

Processed with VSCO with q5 preset


Processed with VSCO with q5 preset


Processed with VSCO with q5 preset

Processed with VSCO with q5 preset



Processed with VSCO with q5 preset

It’s safe to say I am all HEART EYES over here about this dress and this shopping destination.

They always have FREE SHIPPING which is amazing because who likes shipping?

Head on over to their instagram @poppyanddot and buy this amazing dress!! OR two dresses. OR three.